I had to be careful to not have you choose between a single millennium and forever due to a technicality.  Christ’s eternal kingdom will start on this planet for the first thousand years, but then the universe will be renewed, after which His kingdom will continue forever.

    Did I tell you that you would make it here?  I think I did, ha ha!  Good job on graduating from the class.  Now, you can begin, or continue, to take the real challenge.  If you want to inform me in the comments that you finished this course, I’d love to see it.  You should have already followed our website by now, but in case you haven’t, this is just a reminder to hit the button for that on the side of the page.  Before switching quiz modes, however, I’ll tell you the first of two secrets.

    Throughout my childhood, not only did I have my mom and stepdad there for me, I also had my stepfather’s best friend who was like an uncle to me.  My dad was Frank, and his buddy was…well, one of them was codenamed Steel, while the other was Whirlwind, though sometimes called Tornado.  Would you like to know which was which?  They both had similar abilities, so they would swap codenames back and forth.  I’m sure you can imagine how confusing that was for everyone, but that was their strategy for throwing off the enemy.  It just would’ve been nice if they didn’t throw off the allies, too.  Ha ha, and that’s my crazy family.  Of course, my wife Kinzy surely isn’t crazy.  You’re welcome.  I know you’re watching this, honey.  Sorry, quizzer, I couldn’t help giving that shoutout, but we can now resume our lesson.

    Dude, I am still impressed at how quickly you learned everything about a book you might have been afraid of when we first started this thing.  So then, go complete this challenge!

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