A fascinating discovery!  It would seem my superior’s evaluation of your educational skills were accurate.  As AB insisted, you can retain Bible facts after all!  I am so happy for you.

    Are you prepared for the secret of this mode?  Regardless, here it is.  Diving into our comic foolishness, while the hostess of the Hosea quiz, that poor, emotionless child, Ina, was a human converted into a cyborg, my origin happens to be the opposite, having to adjust from the boring life of an automaton to the human you see now.  How does a machine become a human, and how does that tie into the Bible?  This is not a problem since our story is specifically about imaginary characters called Partially Autonomous Cerebral Programs, PAC Programs, who use their heroic efforts as a theatrical illustration of keeping the mind clean while also discussing the contrast between all the superhero stereotypes and biblical, real-world physics.  So, despite how it sounds, changing my organic makeup has nothing to do with robotics or genetics, but is simply the author of our story literally rewriting elements of my background as I requested a change once I gave up my villainous past and joined the heroes.

    Either way, some time after that transformation, I had the privilege of meeting and working with the legendary cybernetic warrior named Buck Shiloh.  If you have read our material and recognize that name, you can see why that was the highlight of my early days as a hero.  The original creators of my siblings and me intended for us to be villains, yet there we were, being taught by some of the greatest leaders of the System.  That is why I seek to be whatever help I can be to the generation after me.  And as far as you are concerned, I have had the privilege of sharing Bible facts with you.  That is more exciting than I can express, and whatever lessons you take away from this that you can use for serving God is real, and that make this little fictional human feel truly alive.

    So then, follow our website, and enjoy our other materials.  Do you want to learn more about the books of the Bible via the quizzes?  Do you wish to brush up on specific Bible topics in our smaller lessons?  Are you tired and need to read something with no reason for being written?  You can read about my boss’s life history, ha ha.  AB knows that he is my favorite supervisor, right behind all the others.  And with that, I shall leave before he has time to insert his opinions to oppose my teasing monologue, he he!

System Guard Yumiko is signing off.

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