A fascinating discovery!  It would seem my superior’s evaluation of your educational skills were accurate.  As AB insisted, you can retain Bible facts after all!  I am so happy for you.  Now that we are no longer obligated to continue the quiz, I can jest.  You see, I would reference the explanation of my origins that I gave in the beginner mode by saying my mechanized heart is overflowing with joy to see you succeed, but my design left behind the artificial heart routine long ago.  Are you thoroughly confused?  Good!  You do need a reason to read our comics after all, now don’t you?  My choice of words are a struggling riddle, encouraging you to wait for our future comics to introduce my friends and me properly.

    Until then, follow our website and enjoy our other materials.  Do you want to learn more about the books of the Bible via the quizzes?  Do you wish to brush up on specific Bible topics in our smaller lessons?  Are you tired and need to read something with no reason for being written?  You can read about my boss’s life history, ha ha.  AB knows that he is my favorite supervisor, right behind all the others.  And with that, I shall leave before he has time to insert his opinions to oppose my teasing monologue, he he!

System Guard Yumiko is signing off.

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