The final answer is that Paul wanted Titus to bring Zenas the Lawyer and Apollos.  I’d imagine that Zenas is an expert on the Mosaic Law rather than someone in the legal profession you may be thinking of, but I shall let you research his background for yourself as your own Bible adventure.  For now, let us celebrate your graduation from my class.  Tell everyone in the comments that you have advanced to the next level in your Bible studies.  You can also follow our website by clicking the button for that on the side and adding your email so that you can receive updates on our new material.

    Now, I must tell you a secret, though I imagine the most obvious secret is regarding my amazing wife.  While I could expound upon how she is out of this world with nerves of steel, I shall let her tell her own story when you figure out who she is.  For myself, I think I will confess the fact that I am the reporter telling the story during the Asteroid Boy era of our System Guard series.  If our audio system worked properly, you might appreciate the acting skills I picked up after joining the team to completely present myself as a different personality from what I normally am.  Though I think my role as the narrator may also be mentioned elsewhere on the site by now, my specific ventriloquism training for my voice is the main secret for now, so I hope you enjoy my relaying of this amazing fact.

    Alright, that is my secret for this mode.  Go ahead and test yourself in the other settings, and we’ll get to the other secret at the end of hard mode.

Happy quizzing!

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