Remember, Song of Songs is mainly about Solomon and his wife, but the book does have elements that could apply to God and Israel, to Christ and His church, or even to a husband and wife in general, to some degree.  But of course, the more digging you do, the more you realize all of the Old Testament points to Jesus, in some way or another, as the approaching Messiah while the New Testament promises His return.

(Justice: That’s right!)

    Oh, hello.  Pff, Justice, I can see us in the camera, and I just realized how awkwardly frozen you look behind me.  Loosen up, man.

(Justice: It is all caution due to the topic of the book, lest there be any unintended offense.)

    Ah, I see.  Understandable.  Well then, with that explanation given, we have one more question to ask.

How much did Christ love the church?

-Jesus died for the church-

-Jesus provides for them every day-

-Jesus tells us every day-

-The Bible tells me so-

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