Awesome!  We learned about God, and we tackled this quiz!  Let’s celebrate with a pizza, guys!

(Justice: After the lunch we had in the beginner mode, no less.)

Ha ha!  They know I’m just teasing, Justice.  You know I’m teasing, right, guys?  For the record, all I had was a spinach wrap, an extra large order of fries, a strawberry-banana milkshake and a fudge sundae.  I skipped the drink, since I have my water sitting on the computer console.  Can’t have you thinking I’m a hopeless glutton, now can we?

(Justice: Thanks, friends, for taking our quiz and showing us your desire to learn more about the Lord!)

Right, “defense of reputation” time over.  Thanks for hanging out with us and joking with our crew.  If you liked this quiz, be sure to follow us, if you haven’t already, by clicking the button on the side and adding your email.  Also, let us know you beat the challenge by telling us in the comments below.  Yeah, I’m definitely going to fly around the Solar System a few times to work off those extra fries.

(Justice: Ah, that’s my lovely Charity.)

Seeya, guys!  Let’s hang out again sometime!

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