(???: Justice arrives!)

    Wow!  You have good timing!  I was just about to say Song of Solomon is all about the love between a man and his wife.  Guys, this is my husband.  You can call him Justin for now.

(Justin?: Justin?)

    I hope you don’t mind, Baby J.  I figure they can handle knowing an American Jewish man and his Japanese wife were missionaries in Jerusalem when they had a daughter they named Charity, and here she is hosting this quiz, years later.  However, learning that the System Director thought it would be funny to make a husband for me whose birthname is Justice might be too cheesy for them to handle.  So, for your sake, you are Justin today.

(“Justin”: Let them think what they will.  None can mock the marriage of Love and Justice!)

    Heh, you’re too much, babe.  At any rate, I want you guys to know I didn’t plan this wonderful date.  So, don’t go thinking I invited him to get back at Ashleigh.  On to question 3.

*Alarm goes off on “Justin’s” wrist*

(Baby J: Justice is called, but Love called first!  Wait; A level 3 emergency is one I cannot ignore.)

    Noooo!  A level 3 is high enough for even me to pause the quiz, were I being called, too.  You’d better go, honey.

(Honey: Justice shall be swift and shall return shortly!)

    And there he goes.  Well, snot!  I thought my husband would get to help me on the quiz of love.  Maybe if I ask the questions extremely slowly, it’ll give him enough time to hurry back.  Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you.  Okay, my patient quizzer, Justice isn’t the only one using another name.  What is another common name for Song of Solomon?

-The Book of Romance-

-The Song of Songs-

-Love and Justice-

-The King and His Bride-

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