(Justice: Justice returns!!)

Hey, babe.  Look at the table over there.

(Justice: Providence shines down with sustenance from above!)

    And He used the food court in the shopping center downstairs.  I ordered it while you were away.  Care to handle the last question?  I was just telling them that Jesus is the Lily of the Valley.

(Justice: Indeed!  It would seem you have forgone the struggle of difficulty in favor of eternal truths, my love.)

Yeah, I’d rather them learn a thing than strain their brains just to impress me.

(Justice: Let’s see.  The last question on your list says the following: “How much did Jesus love the church?”)

Uh, whoops.  I specifically just told them that.  Oh, you’d better get this right, quizzer!

-Jesus died for the church-

-Jesus provides for them every day-

-Jesus tells us every day-

-The Bible tells me so-

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