As I said before, Jesus loved us so much that He died for us.

Hey, hey!  You have just completed the class, my friend, and just in time, too.  Do you know how hungry a gal like me gets just standing here with all those fries sitting on the table over there?  What’s the deal with the fries, you ask?  They’re for dunking in muh milkshake.  Booyah!  I said I got a sundae?  No, that’s the dessert, goofball.

(Justice: Fear not, friend.  My beloved Charity is one of the most athletic competitors and fiercest warriors on our force.  She more than makes up for her calorie intake.)

Ha ha, so I do!  It’s why I have no guilt about the destruction that’s about to go down during the break in between quiz modes.  Go ahead and pick which of the following you want to do, and we’ll catch up as soon as we ketchup.  Okay, that was purely pun material.  I wouldn’t dare ruin my fries that way.

(Justice: Pick an option when you are ready.)

What will you do, hon?

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