“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.”  This is what God says.  And with that, we now find ourselves at the halfway point of the intro class.  Take the brief recess to catch your thoughts while I go ahead and order a bite to eat.  I want it to arrive before Justice gets back so it’ll be a nice surprise for him.  Um…I know you can’t exactly get it from there, but I still feel like I should offer.  Want me to order you something?  I’ll, uh, eat it in your honor, I guess.  Don’t worry about me; adding a few extra fries to my plate is the least I can do.  You probably want ice cream for dessert, too, I’m sure.  I’ll think about what I’m–I mean–you are having for lunch while you choose whether to continue the class or try out the first ten questions in easy mode.

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