You had no difficulty with that mode, did you?  I have to say that I knew you would excel, but not at this rate.  But first, I’d like to address something that you may have missed by skipping the beginner class.  Biblical living and modern life are not opposed when it comes to the public arena.  In fact, it is God’s Word that tells us to be responsible citizens that cooperate with our leaders, even if we disagree with them.  Even if a policy is introduced that we do not like, there is a proper, civil way to address this that still keeps our testimonies as Christians intact.

(I.C.: Aren’t you so glad your teacher cares about you enough to inform you of these topics?)

(Kimmy: Hey, good job finishing easy mode.  You should totally record this event in the comment section.)

    Yes, and I’d invite you to follow our website, if you haven’t already.  This, along with telling us you won, is all you must tend to before continuing to the next part of the quiz.  You can either resume the beginner mode or start the hard questions.  Pick whichever option you wish to choose.

(I.C.: Hey, don’t forget to mention the secret info shared at the end of the beginner mode.  They won’t get it, if they skip that lesson.)

(Kimmy: Quizzer, remember what I.C. said.  The second half of the beginner class ends with a secret.  You’re welcome.)

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