Both Romans and 1 Corinthians talk about how the Christians disputed over eating certain meat for various reasons.  The main principle in both cases is that you should not push your standards on someone else, and while this sounds like it applies to those with higher standards, this is actually the opposite of what you might think.  Paul points to the one with the lower bar and says not to push your freedom on someone who feels like they shouldn’t do something, because you are pressuring them to sin against their convictions.  Obviously, neither person should pressure the other to switch just to make everyone happy.  If you know it is not a big deal to do a certain thing but you are with a believer who feels otherwise, then it should not be a big deal for you to refrain from that activity out of respect for that person.

I believe that paragraph was long enough, so I’m satisfied with moving on, ha ha!  In chapter 15, where did Paul say he also wanted to go when coming to visit the church in Rome?