If you are familiar with the Mark quiz, then you know that the authors would sometimes dictate their message for someone else to write down.  Tertius wrote down what Paul said to him while God was supernaturally speaking through Paul.  Just as someone dictating doesn’t take away from the speaker’s authorship, Paul’s human involvement does not take away from the Lord being the person breathing every word.

(Girls: *Singing some graduation song*)

    That is right, ladies and gentlemen; our quizzer has officially graduated from my class and is now ready to try the real challenge, or continue it, as the case may be.  Before you try the next stage, however, I must reward you with that secret I promised.  Are you ready to learn something odd about me?

(Girls: Yes!)

(I.C.: She has eyes in the back of her head.)

(Kimmy: She looks both ways before crossing the street.)

    Girls, he he, that’s silly.  The reason I have such a generic name shall be addressed after you beat the hard mode, but for now, I shall give you my age, or at least a hint.  While moving to New Ruyngard makes it difficult to keep up with age, due to its odd environment, I’m not afraid to say that I’m feeling good for being about two millennia old, nor am I ashamed of my 272 kg of beauty, he he!

(I.C.: That will get them curious, I’m sure!)

(Kimmy: Hmm, I wonder where Greco came from.)

    Okay, I have goofed off for long enough.  We do have this quiz to continue, girls.  I’ll expound more on my origins in the hard mode finale, after which I must link to the other lesson I promised.  Go ahead and start the next part of the quiz, dear.

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