Though Paul had yet to visit them, he was writing his letter to a church located in Rome.  This wasn’t the Catholic Church, but rather, it was simply a group of Christians meeting in that particular city.

(I.C.: Oh, I see!)

(Kimmy: I can barely see.)

(I.C.: Stop complaining, Kimmy.  I can’t see any more than you can with your red head in my way, but this is all to keep the title visible for the quizzers.)

    You two know what else is clear for all to see?  The quizzers are complete geniuses!  We are already at the halfway point of the class!  Now, do you wish to try the easy mode before continuing?  I will only ask you what you have already practiced, so you should be able to ace everything, after which I’ll bring you back here.  However, you may proceed with the continuation of this course, if you see fit.  Which would you prefer?

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