(Mera: Did we really reach the end?)

Has this day finally come?

(Mera: Well done, our wonderful quizzers!)

    You have demonstrated to all that you know your stuff when it comes to the book of Revelation, so record that victory in the comments below.  For any new quizzers who may be in our midst, add your email to the side and click the follow button to receive updates on our new lessons and comics.  With all of this done, you will be able to sit back and enjoy our other System Guard secret.  Mera, what is the next order of business regarding this?

(Mera: Well, I’d like to remind anyone who has yet to take the beginner mode that we have another secret hidden at the end of that course.  But for now, let me think of what to say next.  Even though our son, Red, is the leader of the next generation, he’s super busy, so our nephew, Christopher, will be leading the next quiz in this series.  Yes, there are more quizzes after this one, as you will recall from between the Old and New Testaments.  After that, we have a couple of other exciting hosts quizzing you on what all has happened between the time that the Bible was written and now.  Of course, this is all simple advertising, and if you’re reading this after they’ve posted, it’s not much of a secret, so we both know I need to say something else.)

What are you thinking?  I see something brewing in that head that has you eager to say something specific.

(Mera: We mentioned storyboards at one point, and now I am thinking about how confusing that will surely be when our readers learn about that.  Where we are from is designated as Storyboard X, and the comic series Little Deli Island takes place in the same storyboard as All Cheerful & Rosie.  However, when we start talking about the storyboard for the Baylors and Lyger, that can get tricky, seeing how the storyboards got moved around at one point, and this was long after many of us moved to New Ruyngard anyway.  It just thrills me to think about the reactions of our readers when they finally meet the Successors.  And that is my secret.)

    Ah, the Successors!  Even as we speak, that story is currently in development, so we are just as in the dark about that as you readers.  You know what that means, yah?  Be on the lookout for new delights in our comics division of the website, as well as for new Bible lessons, of course.  We like to goof off, but our main focus is still the important truths and realities of the Word of God.

(Mera: We pray that you grow in Him as you continue to focus on Him and His precious Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind!)

    Have a blessed day, my friends!  Oh!  And never forget how invaluably, how illuminatingly, how explosively and how vitally the amazing thrill of God’s precious Word can impact your everyday life…when you really think about it.

(Mera: He he!  That was cute, dear.  I like it.)

Ha ha!  Thanks, dear.  Okay, bye, quizzers!

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