(Mera: The answer is Gog and Magog.)

    So, Christ will return to Earth and establish a kingdom that will last for a thousand years.  During this time, Satan will be bound up, and the believers who survived the Tribulation will populate the Earth, while the believers who lived before the Rapture will have their new, glorified bodies.  It’s during this time that the saints will reign with Christ based on how their served Him in their lifetimes.  The Tribulation saints will still have their normal bodies, and thus, will still have children and grandchildren.  This is why Isaiah 65 says a person dying at the age of one hundred will be considered a child.  Longer life spans will return, but you know things are still not perfect because death is still a thing.

    Once this millennium has ended, Satan will be allowed to deceive the world one more time, and he will have an army from all over the world, with Gog and Magog being pointed out.  These villains will attack Jerusalem but will be instantly burned with fire.  Satan will be thrown into what’s called the lake of fire for all eternity, and all the unsaved of every age will be sent there as well.  After this, with all the wicked finally having been dealt with, God remakes the universe, removing pain, sorrow and death.  It is after this point that everything is finally perfect, and all God’s children will love that new universe.

How does John end his description of this new universe?

-With a description of the walls-

-With the names of the new countries-

-With a description of the city-

-With an invitation to the reader-

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