(Mera: Don’t worry; I am not the woman, ha ha!  I just wanted to stand with Chris in at least one of these WYRTAI picture frames.)

    I highly enjoy this, dear.  You are welcome to stand by me anytime.  Now, the answer to the previous question is that the woman seems to be representative of Israel, Christ and Satan, rehearsing the struggle of Satan trying to destroy the Messiah, after which he continues to attack Israel once the Messiah is out of his reach.  While there are some technicalities to this, like Eve being considered the start of this conflict back in Genesis 3:15, whereas Israel started with Abraham, it still seems to be the more favorable scenario as the woman’s crown and clothes echo a familiar sound found in Jacob’s interpretation of Joseph’s dream regarding the sun, moon and stars.  I admit, as I said, it is still not fully clear, but it is definitive that this woman is not the church as she is a mother.  The church is always depicted as a virgin bride waiting for Christ, the Bridegroom.  Also, the interaction of the mysterious woman and Satan very much parallel what is happening during the Tribulation, thus further supporting the idea of her representing Israel.

(Mera: I always have fun when I hear you talk about the Scriptures’ mysteries with that “detective mind” of yours, he he.)

    Thank you much, my love.  Now, let’s get to the next question.  Quizzers, when Christ shows up in Revelation 19, His garments are red with blood.  What Old Testament passage gives the reason?

-Isaiah 52:13-53:12-

-Psalm 22-

-Zechariah 12:10-

-Isaiah 63:1-6-

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