The third list was, again, the correct list.  Now, while some of the seal judgments, the trumpet judgments and the vial judgments may overlap, comparing the three lists reveal they are not simply the same seven events with a seal, trumpet and vial accompanying each judgment.  Also, it is highly apparent that these literal catastrophes of nature involve a lot of stuff falling from heaven, as well as demonic activity happening down here on the planet.

    There’s still quite a bit unanswered about these things that can have me staring at the Scriptures for some time, trying to figure out the details, such as whether these events are unrelated horrors or part of a chain reaction of nature caused by God’s divine judgment.  The divine judgment of the Lord is obvious here, but I’m wondering if these individual plagues are simply part of one massive plague, like a meteor shower or something else major in scale.  I do not believe the Bible is just giving flowery description of a nuclear war, though there may be some of that going on at this time.  One example of me going into my random detective mode is noticing that the fiery mountain thrown into the sea, mentioned in Revelation 8:8, is not clarified to have come from the sky.  Ergo, my mind leaves open the possibility of this particular thing being a volcano or maybe an ordinary mountain, set on fire by the previous trumpet judgment, sliding into the sea.  Another example is whether or not the type of vials used in Revelation are referring to the type of item that sits on top of a candlestick to hold the wax, like what is mentioned in Zechariah 4.  I have no idea, but I find it worth mentioning for sake of discussion.

You can see why trying to explain all 18 seal, trumpet and vial judgments could have me rambling ideas to you for a while.

What Old Testament book do theologians point out as being vital for understanding Revelation?





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