The four riders are identified as the Antichrist holding a bow on a white horse, war on a red horse, extreme famine on a black horse and death riding on a greenish pale horse with hell accompanying him.  The Antichrist has a bow, as in a rainbow, because he is going to establish a covenant between Israel and her enemies.  This peace won’t be very strong, thus there will be war and famine so severe that a loaf of bread will cost a day’s wage.  As you can see, this will result in a lot of deaths around the world, and this is why we see death on a sickly pale horse with hell following behind it.

    Now that we’ve discussed the horses, let’s talk about the seals.  Of course, my choice for the picture is joking, though, because the seals refer to the sealing of a book, not to animals.  Jesus Christ opens a scroll locked with 7 seals, and those are what I want you to name.  What are the 7 seals?

-Earthquakes, fire, hail, demonic locusts, silence in heaven, stars falling, blood moon-

-Saints in white robes, silence in heaven, 2 witnesses, a woman chased by a dragon, Apollyon, blood, 144,000-

-Earthquakes, water turned to blood, blood moon and dark sun, hail, demonic locusts, saints in white robes, silence in heaven-

-The 4 Horsemen, saints in white robes, an earthquake and heavens going crazy, silence in heaven-

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