John ends his description of the new universe by relaying a message to us from the future.  Jesus Christ and His bride, the church, along with the Holy Spirit, beckon the readers, you and me, to accept the invitation of God to come to the New Heaven and New Earth.  The Apostle then prays for Christ to return and restore things as they should be.

(Mera: Quizzers, are you 100% sure that you are ready for Christ to return?  If you are unsure of your salvation, that is okay to admit, and it’s very easy to fix.  God’s precious Son, Jesus Christ, died for your sin, and He rose from the dead.  If you can accept this as true, then simply tell Jesus that you are relying on His death and resurrection to cleanse you from sin and save you.  That is all you must do in order to be saved forever.)

    Just knowing the facts about this is one thing.  The important difference is actually doing it and trusting in Jesus, asking Him to be your personal Savior.  If you are not sure you’ve ever done that, do it right now to have it over with and definitely taken care of.  If you have done this, then you can take a deep breath in knowing you will never have to experience the horrible judgments Revelation talks about.  You will be safe with Jesus as all of this takes place.

(Mera: Is that not amazing to hear?  Also, did you realize that you graduated from our class?  You are now ready to try the other two modes.  Go ahead and record your achievement of graduating, then enjoy as we tell you one of our System Guard secrets.)

Aha!  That first secret!

(Mera: Oh?  Is it quite exciting?)

    Well, it may not be too fantastical as to not take away from the attention of what we’ve said thus far on this particular page.  I will just remind the viewers that I am not the same Christian Scott that appears in our techbot series, All Cheerful & Rosie.  The reason I chose to bring this back up is because Inner Man Theatre did have its own story planned to go over the events of the Tribulation, but that got cancelled, ha ha.  We are ambitious, as you can tell.  However, maybe that entire storyline, known as Storyboard VII, will get more attention at some point down the road.  I’m sure you would find inspiration from the stories of the Crimson Prince and his descendants, one of which happens to be that other Christian Scott.

(Mera: I like your subtle description of Storyboard VII, dear.)

I will leave it to one of the others to explain the setup of Inner Man Theatre’s storyboards.

(Mera: That is a smart move, my intelligent husband.  For now, let us be satisfied with the success of the quizzers in our lesson.  Friends, go ahead and start the next portion of this challenge that applies to you, whether you are just starting the easy mode, or you have already defeated that giant and are now prepared for the hard mode.)

    We eagerly anticipate you achieving even more victories in this lesson, though the most important victory is securing your eternal destiny in Christ Jesus.  Now, have at the challenge!

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