The book of Revelation tells of when God will replace this current universe with a brand new one, free of pain and sorrow, in which all the believers will live forever.

(Mera: It will be so beautiful and perfect!)

    The book itself then actually ends with a message from the future as Jesus and His church invite the reader in the present to accept the Lord’s gift of salvation in order to one day be apart of this glorious new universe.  The Holy Spirit echoes this, and John completes His book by praying for the Lord to bring about this wonderful completion to history.

(Mera: However, before we talk of completing things, why don’t we discuss your first checkpoint.  You now have the option to answer the same super simple questions we just asked you in the easy mode, quickly getting that achievement out of the way, or you can continue this lesson, saving all the quiz challenges for later.)

Will would you like to do?

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