(Girls: WAHOO!!  YOU DID IT!!)

(Mermaid: And here I was, thinking I knew what smart was.  You have brightened my day.)

Congratulations, sweetie, you have just completed the hard mode.  I suppose you could’ve started here first, but assuming you didn’t, you can now say you’ve finished the entire quiz.  You have mastered Psalms, or at least this lesson.  Quote to me the entire book, then we’ll say you’ve got it all.  For that matter, I probably didn’t even cover all the major things in only 20 questions.  I didn’t tell you that Selah basically means, “Stop and listen.”  Of course, no one knows for sure, so look it up for yourself.

(Mimi: Okay, seeya later.)

(Charity: Love you, Muse.)

Wait; you can’t leave before we finish the quiz.

(Charity: It wasn’t our quiz.  We were just visiting, remember?)

F-fine!  I can finish this by myself then!

(Mermie: Nope.  I’m still here.)

Aww, thanks Mermaid.  Well, crew, thanks for playing the game.  Be sure to follow us by hitting the button on the side, if you haven’t already.  You never know what we’ll post or when, so you’ll want to be alerted.  Leave your success in the comments below, then feel free to browse through our other quizzes and lessons.  And with that, I’ll leave you with the ending admonition of our titular book.  Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!  Oh, and when the word is in all caps, that’s a reference to God’s name, Jehovah.  Okay, I’m Muse and I’m signing off, I promise.

(Mermaid: Thanks for playing!  Bye!)

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