Good job!  Well done!  You are as smart as you look, or maybe even smarter!  Ha ha, I’m teasing, of course.  We both knew you knew all the answers, and I bet you can even handle the harder part.  I’ll work on kidnapping the girls while you get ready for the rest of the adventure.  Put your success in the comments, make sure you’re following us by hitting the button on the side somewhere, and then pick one these options below.  Just don’t forget that I tell a secret at both the end of beginner mode and hard mode, so even if you haven’t taken the first half of the tutorial, you can still skim the second half for the secret.  Okay, I’ll let you pick now.

Which will you choose?

-Continue the beginner mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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