Hello again, it’s just me Emily…waiting…to see if he does it again.

(James: Seriously, babe?)

I’m taking no chances with you, Mr. Scott.  Sorry, quizzers, in case you didn’t take the beginner class, I had to ensure my spotlight wasn’t stolen again like it was the last time I asked this first question.

(James: I wanted to say hello.  You sound bitter.)

I’m not bitter, James.  Bitterness is a sin.  Leaving key ingredients out of all your meals for the next week is simply flirting, dear husband.

(James: Ha ha!  I think you’d better start the quiz before they take your joking for threats on my life…or at least on my appetite.)

I suppose you’re right, love.  They should know I am grateful to share the quiz with you.  They should also know the author of our book.

Quizzer, do you know who wrote Proverbs?