And now we can begin our–(James Scott: James here!  Are we ready for the quiz, guys?)

    Excuse me, you’re in the way, Mr. Scott.  If you want to help me, you can at least not hide me from my own quiz, dear.

(James: And deprive them of seeing the smiling source of that beautiful British accent filling the room?  I just popped into the screen to say hi, since all the other couples have been doing the quizzes together lately.  Now that I’ve made my presence known, I’ll slip back behind the camera.)

    While you bring it up, dear, if we would raise the budget a bit, they might actually be able to hear my accent, and we’d have less anxiety over punctuation and typos.  However, we can discuss this matter later.  I do have a lesson to teach, you know.  Oh well, at least you new students know who I am now.

With that in mind, do you know who wrote Proverbs?





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