(Keb: And now, we’re running late.)

You’ll survive.  You should cheer for your friends who just won the game.

(Keb: I suppose I should.  Congratulations, guys.  I’m super excited to see you succeed.  Now, record your victory in the comments and follow our website if you haven’t already.  Okay, hubby, tell them another crazy thing about yourself.)

    Well, as I mentioned earlier, our System has several planets with a vast collection of people groups, but that is only one small snowflake on the iceberg of how big the System is.  Also, the fact that I was originally an alien before a thing happened has a lot to do with how AB became the leader of our group.  You should totally check that out.  But the main secret I am going to share now is that one thing I share in common with my wife is the fact I grew up an orphan.  While she has discovered her true parentage as she’s gotten older, I still have no idea where I come from.  I guess that’s what made it easy to relate to my wife.  But I’m not disappointed.  I have joy even in this mystery that helps me stay compassionate in helping others.

    So yeah, use the joy of the Lord to reach others to show how God can take any situation and turn it into something beautiful and amazing.

(Keb: Muh man is amazing!)

And I am now taking you to dinner at the diner.

(Keb: Hallelujah!)

See you guys later!

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