(Keb: That’s a good idea, Fun.  The answer to the last question was that Paul thanked the Philippians for sharing their French fries.  Guess what you’re doing when we get to the diner.)

I’ll be thanking you for sharing your French fries.

(Keb: Wow, I totally blundered that move.  Fine!  The answer was Paul thanked the church for their financial support.  Paul pointed out that he was content with whatever God provided, but he highly appreciated their gift of love.  This passage goes with 2 Corinthians 8 which, in fact, talks about the Philippians, though grouped with other churches, in a discussion that lets you know you should help your missionaries financially so they can reach as many people with the Gospel as possible.)

    I’m proud of you for being such a good teacher, and I’m even more proud of you for not using that answer to ask me for money.

(Keb: You didn’t give me time to remember, ha ha!)

Our final question has arrived.

(Keb: Yay!  Almost Food Time!)

What household did Paul say sent their greeting through him in this letter to the Philippians?





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