Paul wanted to be with Christ in heaven, but he knew his fellow Christians still needed him on Earth.  To him, helping people was winning, and going to heaven was winning, so either way was totally winning.

(Keb: I question whether or not the quizzer would be totally winning without this tutorial if that last question was your definition of easy, my dear.)

Nah, they are totally capable of handling my questions.

(Keb: Just glancing over this list, I can tell you should have switched the first easy question with the first hard question, especially after you hinted the answer to that one in the introduction to this lesson, but I suppose leaving things as is makes it up to the quizzer.  When they get a freebie on the first hard question, I’m sure they’ll thank you, love.)

Hmm, shall we continue now, Quiz Princess?

(Keb: Not yet!  One other thing you need to know, do you know it?)

I should think I don’t, babe.

(Keb: I love you! He he!  Okay, you may continue.)

    Ha ha!  I gotcha’.  Quizzer, my lovely assistant whom I love very much may think this quiz is too hard, but I know you’re able to handle it.  Prove her wrong about you with this next question.  Where were the Philippians?





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