(Keb: Pff, you know we were all joking.  We had that skit planned for quite a while.)

I wouldn’t call it a full-blown skit, but yeah, we were totally playing around.  Thanks for the help, Missy.

(Missy: You’re welcome, brother, sir.)

(Keb: Euodias and Syntyche were the warring women.  What’s the next question, my darlin’?)

Well, muh sugar pie sweetie lumpkins, I plum reckon it is–

(Keb: Okay, you should stop, hahahaha!)

It sounded that bad, huh?

(Keb: It did.  That’s why I kept mine tame.)

Oh well.  What did Paul thank the Philippians for in Philippians 4?

(Keb: Cute.  Much better.)

-Their Money-

-Their holiness-

-Their witness-

-Their French fries-