And here is your first surprise, my lovely little lady, Katherine Elisabeth Sanchez, otherwise known as Keb!  Could you ask for a better Game Over Girl?

(Keb: You faithful comic readers were hoping he’d blab my maiden name, weren’t you?  Sorry, it’s still just Katherine Elisabeth B. for now, ha ha!)

    At least you have some variety with being Kebs now, so they should appreciate the update with that.  Either way, we have introduced you as the security guard, so let’s start the quiz.

(Keb: You hear that, guys?  If you miss any questions in easy mode or hard mode, I’m gonna’ arrest you and send you to quizzing jail!)

Let’s start the practice run before she scares you to death.

Ignoring the irony of the first quiz picture, what struggle does Paul mention in chapter 1 of this book?

-He prayed for God to remove a thorn in the flesh-

-The unsaved Jews kept following him around-

-He wanted to be in heaven, but he knew he was needed-

-He burned his breakfast-