My, my!  You really do know your Bible, don’t you?  Now, you can record your victory in the comments and enjoy my other secret.  Remember; if you missed the secret from the beginner mode, you can skim through that lesson to reach the graduation page.  You beat the main quiz, so we already know you have mastered this topic.  Also, in the rare event you have still yet to follow us, you can easily do that using the button on the side.

    Now, for my final secret, while AB and his sister Keb originally built me for the purpose of tending to their armor, my duties have changed significantly since the two have moved up in the ranks of the System Guards.  For those of you who are new to the site, you probably are unaware that we once attempted to make a glossary for our characters on this site, and since I am now the head librarian in our own facility, they tasked me with the privilege of managing and hosting the new character index.  However, that project was put on hold due to technical issues.  So then, we have no way for you to read and learn about our wonderful System Guard staff.  What shall we do?

He he he!  Wouldn’t you like to know?

    If you are reading this after we have published our upcoming surprise, you can take humor in thinking about everyone who was anticipating what my secret is subtly advertising.  Either way, it’s still considered a secret that we tried the glossary once before, he he!

    Okay, I have completed the quiz, so I shall bid you farewell.  You did an outstanding job, and I know you will continue to do so in other quizzes.

Have a wonderful day!

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