He he he!  Did you figure out that there is only one chapter in Philemon, or did you at least remember me mentioning something to that effect earlier in the lesson?  Whether you knew the answer or not, now you will definitely keep this in your memory along with the fact that you just graduated.  You are now officially licensed to try the other two modes, he he!  So, let me tell you the first of two secrets, then you can start the next quiz setting.  Also, follow our website using the button on the side if you haven’t already done so.

    For my first secret, you will eventually see somewhere in our comics that I am a machine made from the combination of two other machine sisters.  Our creator, AB, decided it would be more efficient if we worked as one unit.  Well, if you have read our series All Cheerful & Rosie, you might be wondering if we are related to those androids, and the answer is “kind of.”  The person who wrote our comic series in their world didn’t realize he was actually writing about things taking place in another fictional universe. (Yes, we explain how this relates in a practical way to your real world in System Guards.)  So, he indirectly got the idea to build his own version of us from AB, he he!  That writer’s rendition of Techbot became the prototype for the line of beautiful darlings from which we get Virginia and her sisters.

    It is quite the small world, isn’t it?  Now then, enjoy the rest of the quiz until you have earned the right to hear my second secret at the end of hard mode.

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