Well, you just might be a genius after all?  I knew you were smart, but you might be able to memorize the entire Bible.  Are you ready?  I’m going to leave a link below where you and I will take a memorization quiz together for every single verse from Genesis to Revelation.

    Ha ha!  Don’t click the exit button just yet.  You know I was totally kidding about that, but you did do a good job of beating this level.  Let us know about your victory in the comments, then ensure you are following our website if you haven’t already.

I’m Kinzy Blade, and I am thanking you now for playing this quiz.  Thank you!

Oh, yeah!  That’s right!  I forgot that I promised to tell you a secret.  Okay, you want to hear it?

    I’m adopted.  Yep, Shoro and Ash adopted me when I was a baby.  Well, technically, Shoro married my mom, and then she died, so he was left raising a step-daughter when he met Ash, and I’ve grown up with those two as my best buddies, being the best parents I could’ve asked for.  See?  Wasn’t that a big shocker?  And, just in case my dad already spilled the beans, or that the SG Bios page is up by now, I’ll also add the secret that my gray hair has nothing to do with my age, considering I’m still in my twenties.  It’s a trait I inherited, causing me to be born with gorgeous gray hair.  Mom was lucky to be blonde, but I’m blessed with these silver locks, and I don’t regret it at all.  Now, doesn’t that make you want to learn more about us in the comics section?  (Doesn’t that make you want to tell them more of our stories, AB?  James?  System Director?)  Oh well, I’ll work on the higher ups here at Inner Man Theatre to hash out more of our backstories.  In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the rest of our quizzes and lessons.  If you are going backwards and now have the easy mode to do, have fun with that.  I will see you there if that is the case.

    Either way, this mode is done, so I’m kicking you out of the room, cutting off the lights and locking the door behind me as I go to the other modes…in the same room, ha ha!


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