She’s a time traveler and a girl of gravity.  She’s Missy Millennia, he he!

    You did it!  You did it!  You beat the hard mode of the quiz!!  Now, you can tell all your friends everything you’ve learned about the Bible!  I’m so very proud of you!  You have earned another lore secret.

    So pal, wanna’ know what my heritage is?  Heh, so does everyone else.  It’s a tip-top secret kept from the entire System, for the most part, but I can give you a hint, maybe, without my boss getting too upset.  If not, well, just cherish this quiz as it may be your last memory of me, ha ha ha!  My small, probably completely useless in the long run, hint is that I have the same heritage as one of the other hosts in this quiz, not counting my siblings, only my ancestors are from a completely different storyboard than his.  Then again, I could be totally messing with your head, with the real answer being that maybe I don’t even know my own origin.  What do you think?  Hmm?

    Okay, weird time is over.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you’re following our site so you get the notifications for the other quizzes.  Also, now that you’re finished, you may want to look into that salvation thing, so the option is still below.  Have a super, amazing, fantastic day, and don’t forget to comment you success below!  Hannah Austin is your hostess in the Deuteronomy quiz that follows this one.  No, she’s not a relative.

Seeya, seeya!


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