Hello, everyone!  (Hello, one person who got it right.)  That is actually question #1 of the hard mode, so I decided to just go ahead and have everyone come here, regardless of their answer.  In fact, I’ll do that for the rest of the beginner mode.  I do have a busy schedule, being a System Guard, so it works better for everyone!

Those that got it right know it was King Hezekiah who destroyed the serpent.  That’s in 2 Kings 18:4.  See?  When God gave them an object lesson, like this serpent or even the ark of the covenant, it was never intended to be used as an idol.  When Israel started mistreating the ark, God let it get taken by their enemies, the Philistines.  Look at me; I’m skipping to other quizzes, haha!

-Let’s move on-