Hello, you.  Whether you guessed right or wrong, you’ve ended up here.  Why?  It’s because you’ve reached the halfway point.  I’ll explain the serpent thing a bit more, and then I’ll give you a couple of options, alright?

Jesus pointed out that the serpent being lifted up was a foreshadow of Him being lifted up for our sins.  If we simply put our trust in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, we will be forgiven of our sins.  It’s a phenomenal thing.  If you’re not sure that you’ve done this, you can right now where you’re at, and then we can continue when you’re ready.

If you are, indeed, ready to move on, I’ll simply let you choose between continuing the beginner mode or going back to the main portion of the Numbers quiz.


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-I’m still confused how the serpent stick wasn’t idolatry.-