I took advantage of the situation to address a lesson we’ve, unfortunately, neglected during this quiz series.  In light of the fact that any given quiz might be taken by someone who is completely new to the Bible, our crew has usually stuck to regular numbers and full names as opposed to using Roman Numerals and abbreviations.  Perhaps this was being too cautious, but our team would rather be safe than sorry.  However, this is the review of the entire New Testament, so you’re most likely taking this after having spent some time learning the names of the Bible books, so it’s time to start learning the abbreviations, ha ha.  That’s why I also stuck some obviously wrong answers in the choices for that last question.  The actual list was the first one, which brings us to the next question.

Name the General Epistles.

-Heb., Jm., I Pet., II Pet., I Jn., II Jn., III Jn., Jd.-

-Gen., Ex., Lev., Nm., Deut., Josh., Jdg., Ru.-

-I Sam., II Sam., I Kgs., II Kgs., I Chr., II Chr., Ez., Neh.-

-Est., Job., Ps., Prov., Ecc., Song, Is., Jer.-

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