Revelation 2-3 contains letters written to seven churches that were in Asia Minor at the time that John was writing, and while there’s not nearly enough evidence to say it’s also a prophetic outline of history for sure, what is said about each church compared to the basics of church history does prove to be quite interesting.  When you discover what the names of the churches mean, along with the backgrounds of the Old Testament stories Jesus references while instructing these churches, it will have you at least seeing why many might conclude this is a prophecy in addition to being a message for seven literal assemblies that existed back in “the 90’s”.

    The other reason that our System Director leans more towards this possibility is the parallel with Daniel 11 covering the time between the Old and New Testaments in advance rather than talking about it later.  God told us what happened from the beginning of time up until the Persian Empire, but then summed up the rest in Daniel 9-12.  He then started again, talking about everything that happened in the first century, only to skip thousands of years ahead, spoiling what is going to happen at the end of the world.  For God to not talk about anything from the church age would have it be the only period of history not talked about, at least to some degree.  Of course, if this theory is completely inaccurate on our part, it is no big deal whatsoever.  It’s just food for thought.

    You know what else is food for thought?  You just graduated.  Think about that.  If you, somehow, someway, have yet to follow our site, you can do so by adding your email to the side and clicking the follow button.  Also, feel free to let us know in the comments that you passed our course.  With all that said, I will tell you the first of two interesting facts, then I will send you to the next stage.

    If you’ve been paying attention for the past few quizzes, you will catch on to the fact that my parents, Xames and Meg Scott, along with my aunts and uncles, are all from what you could consider a futuristic rendition of Germany.  Well, while I’m not sure how much you can deduce from just reading their words with no accents to hear, but not only do their profession and abilities lend them the skill of speaking any language they want beautifully, our version of German has been influenced enough over the years by English that having a Western accent is not that difficult at all.  In fact, sometimes, my relatives may overemphasize their native accent just so you don’t miss the point that we’re not Americans.  So yeah, that’s my lesson on culture, ignoring the fact that ours is different from what you’re used to anyway.  Now, go ahead and take the next quiz mode while I think of something else to confuse you with, heh heh.

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