(Missy: I’m so proud of my quizzers for getting that answer!  Boy, was I lucky for being the hostess?)


(Strikegirl: Ha ha!  Nice sneak attack, sis.  Hey, why do you get to stand by him?)

(Missy: Junior literally just asked you to a few questions ago.)

(Strikegirl: I’m trying not to stand in front of the title…Missy.)

(Missy: Uh…they know there’s an L somewhere….)

You girls are highly confusing.  Anyway, thanks to my quizzing friends for seeing what I have to put up with at work all the time.  Just imagine when Keb and my other sister, Mimi, throw their opinions in.  Speaking of which, where is Keb?

(Both girls: Retirement.)


(Missy: That’s the delusion she tells herself every time she’s on vacation anymore.  What?  You thought someone you work with actually sees the world like a functioning human being should?)

I thought I saw Keb during the beginner mode or something, but whatever.  Thanks for playing the quiz.  If you haven’t played the other modes of this game yet, you’re weird, but feel free to go backwards.  If you’ve already beaten everything, go ahead and try the other books of the Bible, or check out our comics and lessons elsewhere on the site.  In fact, don’t forget to make sure you’re following us by hitting the button on the side somewhere and adding your email.  You don’t want to miss notifications for our buffoonery, now do you?

(Strikegirl: Maybe they shouldn’t answer that, baby.)

Maybe, baby…maybe….

(Everyone: Thanks for playing the game!)

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