Why are you standing way over there?

(Strikegirl: So we don’t cover up the title, baby.  I mean, I already had to cover for your obsession with artillery with my humble disclaimer.  Luke 22:36 shows it’s okay to have a way to defend yourself and others, but don’t abuse the privilege.)

Ouch!  That hurt, but at least we had an excuse for an extra Bible lesson there.

(Strikegirl: Also, I love you, but I jumped in to ensure you don’t repeat what you did in the beginner mode for the following question.)

Uh, yeah, let’s make sure I don’t do that again.  I’ll just ask it quickly and get it over with.  Who else, besides Ezra, stands in a pulpit, reads the Bible and explains it to the people?

-The preacher-

-The usher-

-The deacon-

-The nursery worker-