The answer is the preacher, which is not synonymous with the pastor.  The deacon, Sunday school teacher or anyone else can preach the Word of God.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to be in a pulpit.  Preaching is simply proclaiming, so when you are telling someone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are explaining how they can be saved, you are preaching.  Everyone, guys and girls, are commanded to do that.

(Strikegirl: Are girls allowed to preach in the pulpit?)

Punk.  We’ll save that controversial topic for the quiz on 1 Timothy.

(Strikegirl:  He he!  I’d better stop intimidating you and ask the real question.  What did the people do after the Law was read?)

-No, wait; answer the question, Junior!-

-They wept and confessed their sins as a nation-

-They rejoiced-

-They spoke in tongues-