Well, at least you knew I knew my Bible verses.  I was tempted to give you a game over for guessing such an insult of an answer, but we all make mistakes, like when my wife married a goof like me.  I’m so grateful that she’d honor me with actually choosing me.

(Strikegirl: Don’t fall for it.  He’s only being nice to me because I read his comments in the easy mode.)

L-let’s not distract them from the quiz, hon.  Like you, Artaxerxes was more concerned about his friend’s needs than about judging him, so he sent him to address the source of his sadness, the fact Jerusalem didn’t have walls to defend itself.  However, just like my humor, Nehemiah’s mission faced opposition.  Who were the no-funs who opposed a job that needed to be done?

-My sisters-

-Sanballat and Tobiah-

-Haman and Mordecai-

-Artaxerxes himself and another king-