Wow!  You made that look easy.  Congratulations on winning the hard mode.  Unless you started here first, this victory makes you an expert on the book of Nahum.  Let me know in the comments so I can tell all of my friends about your win.  Also, here is that link I told you about earlier where you can see my debut in our comics.  I show up in episode 8 and make various other appearances throughout the rest of that era.  Just keep in mind that the other episodes before and after go over how all that fits in with what we do here.

So then, did you like my quiz?  I hope so.  Are you following our site?  If not, go ahead and follow the instructions for that on the side of the page so you will be notified of new quizzes and lessons.  Are you ready for more Bible?  Then hop to it!

I am Charon Triton and you have been a lovely guest.  I hope to see you again soon.


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