See?  I told you this would be easy.  Now, you have officially completed the entire quiz, most likely.  You weirdos who started with this mode have much more to go, but I consider you an expert to start with this setting anyway, so you still get a medal.  So then, go ahead and put your accomplishment in the comments so I know who all my smart people are.  I mean, you’re all smart, but I want to know all you Micah champs out there.  Besides, if James and AB ever get around to giving more of our backstory here, it’s only fair in advance if you at least say, “hello,” in the comments so I know who my top students are.  Also, be sure to follow us by doing what the instructions say on the side, if you haven’t already.

With all that said, I hate to end this, but I must.  I have more System Guard matters to tend to, and I’m sure that the other crew members are eager to have their quizzes posted.  For that matter, my grandmother, Vahnna, is set to have her own quiz at the end of the Old Testament, so you’ll get to see her again.

Till next time!

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