Well, I was stunned at that quizzing speed!  Are you sure you’re not a Bible scholar in disguise?  Great job on winning this setting!  Now, record this in the comments so everyone knows, and make sure you’re following our website, if you’re not already doing so.  In the meantime, I will tell you another nifty thing about myself.  In the System, which is what we call the universe we System Guards are from, I happen to be from another planet altogether.  Does that sound intriguing?  There’s a good explanation for how that works in the comic run in which I debut.  If you haven’t read the Ultimate Maximum era of our System Guards series, then you seriously need to catch up on our crazy little universe.

    Of course, that’s all on our goofy side of the website.  We try to have things for you to enjoy as you let your brain rest in addition to our Bible lessons and quizzes.  That’s why you need to ensure you’re following us, so you can keep up with any new, fun items we may add.  With new stuff on the way, even as I speak, you never know what to expect with this crazy website, which keeps things quite interesting, that’s for sure.  Now, I have said everything I need to here, so if you’ll excuse me, I have a diner franchise to go check on.  You continue the Bible quizzes as you see fit.

Until the next time, live this life for the next life.  That’s a reference to Matthew 6:33, in case you thought I was done teaching the lesson.  Now, get out of here.

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