You have impressed us all!  My wife, Amy, would be thrilled!  In fact, I might as well call her on her day off like she did to me in the Isaiah quiz.

*Calls her*

(Amy: Yes, baby?)

Hi!  You’re on speaker for the Mark quiz.  They just beat hard mode.

(Amy: Oh!  That’s amazing!  Good job, quizzers!)

Okay, love you , honey.  Bye!


    Sorry for the short call, guys, but this is the speedy book of Mark we just finished.  Don’t worry about Ames; I’ll explain it to her later.  So, if you never hear from me again, you know why.  In the meantime, let’s talk about my other secret.  My other bit of information to share is…I have many other things about my past I’ve still yet to figure out, even with all the comics I’ve been in on our website.  Maybe, someday, we’ll fix that, but until now, I’m just serving God the best I can.  If you want to help me learn more about myself, feel free to bug AB for some more comics.  Okay, enough of that.  Let me congratulate you again on your victory.  Go ahead and record it in the comments for us all to enjoy with you, then make sure you’re following our website, if you haven’t already.  After all this, feel free to browse around for whatever might help you grow closer to God, whether through knowledge or through a merry heart, we wish to help you however we can.

I’m System Guard Arion Jekel Scar, and I will see you in another lesson or comic.

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