When the King of Creation has you write His life story in a book the entire universe will be reading for the rest of eternity, He finds you useful.  But see this whole thing.  Peter denied Christ, for which the disciple wept bitterly, feeling useless.  Jesus helped him get back on track.  Years later, old Pete reaches out to a guy that once, possibly twice, let the Savior down.  Peter asks John Mark to write down Simon Peter’s account of Jesus’ life.  That is just awesome.  AND since Peter is writing about his Master as a servant, he follows that example by letting John Mark take the credit for the book.  Yeah, buddy!

    Wow, that got exciting!  We had a nice chat about the book of Mark, and we saw you graduate.  Good job!  My first secret about myself is that I once used an army of doubles to make people believe I had one hundred lives.  That was a trip, but the circumstances behind it weren’t something I’d ever want to repeat.  Okay, now, go ahead and jump into the next section that applies to you.  Yes, it’s back to the Roman abruptness.

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