I’m thrilled you are so smart!  Okay, so the birds were allowed for people with low income, which tells us Mary and Joseph weren’t the richest people from Galilee.  I mean, it’s not like they had gotten super fancy, expensive gifts from foreign royalty when Jesus was born or anything.  Huh?  What about three kings?  Oh, honey, you’ve just been set up for a major trick there.  If you think that the young couple had been visited by the Magi at this point (and that there were specifically three kings) then you need to visit our Lightspeed Lab comic for our lesson on the wise men.  Now, stop distracting me and let me ask you questions, hehe!

Back to my train of thought.  I had one.  Oh, yeah!  The stinky guy up above, Dwayne, is my example for this next one.  In the Old Testament, is the term unclean another term for sinful or cursed?  I’m not saying Dwayne is cursed, though he could use a good lecture on hygiene.

-Cleanliness is next to godliness.  Beat that man!-

-It is not the same.  Calm down, Keb.-