Whoa!  You really made it through that harsh lesson on Greek history?  I don’t mean to offend any of our Greek audience, but history is history, and not everyone is as excited by the subject as the rest of us scholars.  He he!  If you don’t like history, just know I’m teasing you.  After all, you made it here, so you know more history than you give yourself credit for.  With that being the case, let the world know of your victory in the comments below, and then follow our website using the instructions on the side, if you have yet to do that, in order to keep up with our new material.

Oh, and my other secret is…I love motorcycles!  In fact, I’m apparently good enough with them that people all around the System have started referring to me as JV Rocket.  Okay, I’m done showing off.

Now, with this being a very special quiz ending, I’m giving things back over to the main quiz host.  It was really nice to meet you, and I hope we can do something like this again sometime.


Well, quizzer, how does it feel to be standing at the end of the Old Testament?  If you started with this quiz, you might not have the full rush of accomplishment yet, but you’ll get there after you go back and conquer the other forty challenges before this one.  However, if you have gone from Genesis to this very moment, you can take a deep breath of excitement and get ready for the books of the Bible that finally show the Messiah walking and talking on Earth as He prepared to secure the most important plan in all of history, redemption.

As we end this quiz, you can look forward to the amazing lessons that await you in the New Testament, but until then, continue to make use of our other content as well so you can learn as much about the Bible as possible.

I’m James Scott, and I will see you again soon.

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