Revelation 19 is what all the universe is waiting for, that moment when the true Messiah comes to finally fulfill the rest of the prophecies in Scripture.  That’s going to be an indescribably fantastic event in history!

Well then, ladies and gentlemen, I present the graduating class that just finished the final beginner session for the Old Testament quizzes.  Give a round of applause for the Class of Whatever Year You Took This In!  So now, I tell you a fact about myself.  My name is Jo, but that’s short for Jovo.  My full name is Jovo Bear, but add on my Sutle married name, and you’ve got me identified.  Yes, it’s spelled right.  Of course, since the last quiz’s hostess, Susie Sutle, married my brother, Tommy Bear, you can see why she opted to just go by Susie B.  It’s hard to have a serious Bible lesson with people getting distracted by our grizzly name.  Well, technically, that’s my husband, Mike, since his codename is Grizzly Blaze, while Tom’s is Polar Blast, but I’m now stealing their thunder for later.

So then, go ahead and follow our website, if you haven’t already, so you can learn more wacky stuff about us, then continue on to the next stage in the quiz.

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