(Charity: Sorry, we kind of tricked you again.)

What she means is that, instead of digging deep into the difficulty of a truly hard mode, we opted to include questions that focus on the main reason we even have Bible quizzes to begin with.  The better you are at remembering everything in the Old Testament was written to point to Jesus the Messiah, the better grasp you have on Scripture altogether.

(Charity: From the obvious prophecies to the parallels the historical events of the Old Testament share with the doctrines concerning Christ, you just can not escape His presence being on every page.)

Woo!  Hallelujah!  Now, you have just completed the hard mode, which probably means you have beaten the entire quiz.

(Both girls: Party time!)

If you haven’t actually finished everything, and you went backwards, then you’ll want to do the other modes, including beginner, so you can enjoy our foolish antics throughout this little game.  Record your victory in the comments, follow our page, if you haven’t already, and travel on to the next great adventure.

(Charity: See you in the next quiz.)

I hope, for their sake, they don’t.

(Charity: Ha ha!  That was mean, but probably wise.  I did simply show up because this was the sequel to my husband’s quiz, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome.  Besides, the other SG’s need their cameo time, so I’ll kick back and see who bothers the host of the Ezekiel quiz.  Wait; isn’t that your sister, Vivi?)

Hmm, I should check on that.  If it is, then I may pull a page from your book and give her the headache you gave me.

(Charity: You say that almost as if you were complaining.)

No, if you had neglected me and didn’t help out, I would’ve guilted you for months.  Thanks, friend!

(Charity: Not a problem, friend!  Okay, I’m heading out.  Bye guys!  Thanks for playing the game!)

I think I shall do the same.  Thanks so much for the fun.  I’ll see you in the next quiz, probably, unless we totally got the schedule wrong.  Either way, I pray God blesses your day and growth in Him.

Bye! (Unless you’re going backwards, then you’ll see us there…just recorded.)

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